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Music Production at its best!

Our music production course trains you to create music from your bedroom to the studios. It contains everything from composing the music to mixing and mastering using high-end equipment and softwares.

Live your passion, Don’t let it down!

There are very less people in the world who are leading their life along with their passion. Think and be an enthusiast of your life ahead.

Music is enough for lifetime, Lifetime is not enough for music!

A lot of Legends who have devoted their life to music generally say they don’t know the depth music yet however they are clear that these seven notes can help you discover your inner self to the core.

Chill with your own band

We do encourage our students to collaborate and make their own band to explore the essence of music amazingly.

Western & Indian Classical by International Music Players

We have chosen the top-notch faculty from the industry that follows traditional practices and contemporary theories to achieve the highest standards of learning.

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Music Production at its best!

Live your passion, Don’t let it down!

Music is enough for lifetime, Lifetime is not enough for music!

Chill with your own band

Western & Indian Classical by International Music Players

Full Time Courses

Our courses are designed as the collective’s entry-level courses of study that focuses on developing the musicianship and technical skills required by the current music industry standards.

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Hobby Classes

Hobby Classes in Chandigarh School of Music offers a wide range of training options for hobbyists to explore their creative talents. We also believe in mastering an art where passion prevails.

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We have tie-ups with multiple Television Industry Reality Shows. We work very hard on our students and make them competent to compete with India’s best upcoming talent. We feel proud in promoting students to the paramount.

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How we train you?

Chandigarh School of Music attracts a young and enthusiastic group of students. The students benefit from the experience and guidance of our instructors who are young at heart! Together they keep the school alive with music and train with passion.

Over the last 5 years, Chandigarh School of Music has undergone such an evolution as its started  as a new grass and now its a huge jungle.

As much as virtuosic musicianship is important to each member, the instructors have set their sights on writing memorable notations to dissolve music blend in the heart of students.

Our instructors help you to develop your aural skills and practice music theory with training lessons from beginner level to advanced. You will learn to identify, to transcribe and play intervals, chords, scales, rythems and melodies. Providing training exercises to train you according to your very own needs is our forte.

When you first start playing, you look up to instructors and try to imitate that as much as possible but once the novelty of virtuosity wears off, you start to think music in and out.

To sum it up, We want to make good records that last, that you want to listen to more than once.

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Our students are saying something !

Awesome experience of learning music production in Chandigarh School of Music. The basics of music are getting clear amazingly. Enjoying this course..

Bekunthjot Singh | A student of Music Production 2016 – 2017

Very good teachers, they have got awesome skills . The way of teaching is wonderful. I am very satisfied with Chandigarh School of Music’s teaching. The best school of music in PUNJAB.

Param Belling | A Student of Audio Engineering 2016 – 2017

Learning at Chandigarh School of Music is a wonderful experience wherein learning became quite easy. I started enjoying thoroughly by learning from an experienced trainer. Thanks!

Aryan Sharma | A Student of Guitar 2014 – 2015

I always wanted to learn Indian Classical music. I have tried many singing classes in Chandigarh however in Chandigarh School of Music, I have actually learnt the essence and nature of Indian Classical Music. Thanks a ton..

Meghraj | A Student of Vocals 2014 – 2015

Never thought of getting such an amazing teacher in Chandigarh. Its just 2 months I am learning and I am planning to start my own band. Cheers to Chandigarh School of Music..

Sambhav Sethi | A Student of Guitar 2011 – 2012

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Every moment we spend in our school is very very special to us. Few of them are captured below:

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